Sabik Oy is the oldest supplier for Variable Message Signs in Finland, we have supplied the first VMS in 1989. During last 30 years Sabik has supplied road telematic equipment for more than 100 projects; in addition to VMS also various other telematic equipment such as Incident Detection Systems with camera technology, traffic measurement equipment and variable prism signs as examples.
Our latest technology is multicolor continuous LED matrix VMS products for many different applications:
  • VMS for highway systems; symbol signs such as speed limit and warning signs, big information signs
  • Lane control signs for tunnel systems, international border crossing points and harbors
  • Parking guidance signs and city-wide parking guidance systems
  • Event information signs for cities
  • Passenger information signs for ferry harbors
Sabik VMS products are designed for harsh Northern Europe environmental conditions and signs are fulfilling all requirements of European product standard EN12966 up to the highest performance classes.

Sabik VMS are approved by Finnish road authority ITMF (former FTA) for several sign types:

  • Information signs installed above the road and on the road side, several sizes
  • Speed Limit signs
  • Warning signs
  • Combination sign with warning sign and speed limit signs partitions
  • Alternative route signs
  • Lane control signs
  • Parking guidance signs, also internally illuminated models
  • Event information signs
  • Variable prism signs
  • In addition to standard products Sabik supply also tailor-made VMS for special applications.

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