Main and distant signals

  • Sabik 200mm LED signals have a robust aluminium enclosure designed for harsh railway applications
  • The signals are equipped with power LEDs
  • Maintenance free solution, no replacements of signal lamps needed
  • Cost effective operation, long life time
  • Intelligent solution with “health state” indication
  • Adjustable operational parameters for different interlocking’s

Railway LED Signal RSL200

RSL200.12 is our new generation of LED Signal Units for Railways with brand new features.

The state of the art architecture of the Railway LED Signal RSL200 unit offers adjustability needed for safe and smooth operation with various interlocking systems and local environmental conditions such as cable type and length and signal transformer type.

Railway LED Signal RSL200 features:

  • Light generation with 16 power LEDs used with low current for high reliability
  • Automatic night time dimming according to the input voltage / power level
  • Wide operational voltage range: 6,0-14,0 VAC (TRMS)
  • Unique Line Test feature ensuring stable turn on and off regardless of the coupled power on the signal line
  • Optical feedback monitoring of each individual LED
  • Adjustable power consumption with Dummy Load power resistor
  • Many adjustable operational parameters: current consumption in day and night mode, turn on and off power levels, luminous intensity levels, turn on and off delays, voltage hysteresis level for day-night-mode change, frequency of the AC line voltage, number of failed LEDs allowed for operation
  • Access to operational parameters with wireless IrDA connection or with serial cable
  • 3 optoisolated digital outputs for the interlocking system to monitor the signal status: Signal On output, Minor Error output for signal health monitoring, Major Error output for self shutdown monitoring
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