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Sabik Marine Reference Solar-powered M850 lanterns lighting the Sentosa Boardwalk in Singapore

Solar-powered M850 lanterns lighting the Sentosa Boardwalk in Singapore

Eight new Carmanah self-contained M850 96E GPS lanterns were installed by our Singapore distributor Kemsa Far East in 2018 to the Sentosa Boardwalk, which is a landlink to the iconic tourist attraction from mainland Singapore. Read more (pdf)




PS ATON news article on 2018 about Sabik Marine

Latest articles in the media

The Smarter way to aid channel guidance by Stevie Knight in Port Strategy, June 2018. Read the article (pdf)




ODSL200 withbluetooth waterways and ports references sabik

Sabik Bluetooth Control's in the Field Advantage

In late May 2017, Sabik partner Express Diesel completed the installation and commissioning of a sector light ODSL200 for the Departments of Ports & Harbour, in Aore island, just off Vanuatu's second largest island Espiritu Santo. This was a part of a project funded by the South Pacific Community.

The lantern was installed on an existing and aging 23 meter high steel tower, with the upper most platform being only about 1 square meter. Space was very limited, and the fewer personnel and tools that were required to be taken up to the platform the better. Read more (pdf)

sabik marine m650 lanterns by carmanah used in Venice Italy

Sabik Marine M650H lanterns showing the way on the canals of Venice

Venice Italy, now in the 21st century, is Europe’s largest urban car-free area. Waterways are used for transport as canals serve the function of roads. Sabik Marine together with Italian distributor Heliant conducted an interesting project for Venice city public transport company during the summer of 2016. The objective was to mark the important canal routes to a new boathouse and our Carmanah branded self-contained red and yellow M650H lanterns were selected to show the way. Read more (pdf)


Slovenian structure

A special structure for Carmanah M550 lanterns installed easily in Slovenia

A Sabik distributor Heliant offers a easily and quickly installed special structure developed for Carmanah and Sabik lanterns, which can be used as a strong pillar and strengthening structure for the lanterns on a buoy. This aluminum structure was recently provided as a solution with high-performance Carmanah M550 lanterns for Costruzioni Generali Xodo S.r.l., a company dealing with excavation and earth moving. They needed to solve in a brief time a problem to signal the floating tube that sucks sand from the sea floor to bring it back on the beach in the Slovenian coast. Read more (pdf)


701 with GPS sync at marina small

Longlife Carmanah products appreciated by Maritime & Port Authority in Singapore

Carmanah lanterns have a long illustrious track record in Singapore through its distributor Kemsa (Far East) Pte. Ltd. Ever since the first trial of an M701 in the year 2000, the Maritime & Port Authority (MPA) has been buying Carmanah for its near shore 3NM aids to navigations. In fact, the very first M701 would go on working for 8 long years until it was ´forced‘ into retirement. In 2009, the Maritime & Port Authority also started to use a M708 for a 4NM beacon and it is still in service today having had no battery change! Read more (pdf)


Buoy MPV Archangelsk port smallSabik LED lights saving lives and costs at Archangelsk port in Russia

Sabik has been delivering LED lights to ensure safety at responsibility area of Archangelsk branch of FGUP “Rosmorport”, which includes basin of White sea; Archangelsk, Onega with Belomorsk and Solovki terminal, Mezen port and also Barents sea port Naryan-Mar. Soon the Sabetta port at Gulf of Ob of Cara sea will also be added into this branch.

The products used in this project were fixed lights, mostly range lights and floating buoys, mostly season buoys. As port entry light the customer use Sabik LS 100, LO 200 and LO 200H lanterns. All ice buoys are equipped with Sabik VP LED and MPV LED lanterns. On the summer buoys they mainly use self-contained lights SC 110 and M650H. Read more (pdf)

LED350H 5tiersSabik 5-tier LED 350H lighting a historical port in New Zealand up to an impressive over 30NM

For over 30 years has Sabik been delivering many LED lanterns all over the world. During 2015 we have been installing new special solutions to extreme locations including several tier versions of LED 350H. As an example there is a recent project in New Zealand, where a 5-tier LED 350H has been mounted at Godley Head on Banks Peninsula, at the northern entrance of Lyttelton Harbour.

Read more (pdf)


A new design modular lighthouse by Norwegian Coastal Administration together with Sabik lanterns breaks ice in Svalbard archipelago

In 2010 the northernmost solar powered lighthouse in Norway received a completely new design created by Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) combining Sabik lantern to aid navigation. Sabik’s LED 350 lantern is tailored to suit the northern ice conditions and is well suited to this stylish and sleek base designed by NCA.

Read more (pdf)


Russian ports 1

Sabik lightens up Russian ports 

Russian ports are operating under heavy traffic all around the year in the changing weather conditions. There are several major ports operating under the port administration of Rossmorport branch in the Black Sea area. Novorossiysk is the largest one of the ports in the Southern part of Russia, then there are also Geledgik, Anapa, Eysk, Temryuk, Taman, Caucasus and Tuapse. These ports handled approx. 30% of the whole goods transshipment in the Russia in 2013, which is approx. 174 million tons. The share of the Novorossiysk port was approx. 113 million tons, 19% of the whole Russian transshipments.

Read more (pdf) 


Indonesia 5

Sabik lanterns show the way in Indonesia

Sabik has been delivering lanterns to various locations in Indonesia since 2007. Sabik’s distributor PT Terravision has been coordinating the whole project in the region. They have also been trusted for delivery, installation and implementation of Sabik’s lanterns and systems in Indonesia. For PT Terravision it is really important to create safety navigation for vessels, which sail in the Indonesia region.

Read more (pdf)

Brunei 2

Sabik self-contained lanterns ease navigation along Temburong River

As the part of National Development Plan 2007:2012 were Sabik navigation lights installed along the Tembuong River in Brunei. The traffic has increased over the years in the river and it has become important to increase the safety of the passengers and to ease travelling of vessels along the river. Sabik navigation lights are well-known for their reliability, robustness and low power consumption and were therefore chosen by the government of Brunei. The products used in the project are SC155II lanterns with Inmarsat monitoring along the WebSCADA server, which enables remote satellite based monitoring of the lanterns.

Read more (pdf) 


IMG 3809 web

Self-contained, solar AToN monitoring of Carmanah lanterns in Colombia

Advanced marine lantern technology aids safe navigation and asset management at two latin American ports. Read more (pdf)