• Product EKTA E8593 Sabik MarineProduct EKTA E8593 Sabik Marine
  • Product EKTA E8593 Sabik MarineProduct EKTA E8593 Sabik Marine

EKTA LED Projector sector light signal, up to 21 M / 4 M daytime range


The E8593 is a high-performance, power efficient medium intensity marine LED Projector sector lantern with beam configuration tailored to customer requirements at the factory.

Projector Sector Light E8593 features:

  • Power efficient Day/Night light signalling system for port entry lights or leading line systems replacement

  • IALA colours Red, Green, White with application-specific luminous intensities nearly uniform up to 250 kcd

  • Factory-customized sector configuration with precision of ≤ 0.05° (3’)

  • Sector width up to 2.5° with total subtense of approximately 7.5°

  • Vertical divergence either 1.2° or 2.5°

  • Boundary resolution typically better than 8’

  • Robust light signal unit that can be equipped with a Sabik SMC Flasher or with external Ekta control and monitoring system

  • Day and Night mode luminous intensities configured in hardware as required - down to 10% by current and further by implementing PWM

  • Internal optical LED performance diagnostics with condition output

  • Available with optional Opposite-Isophase sector signal control