SABIK – We show the way

We specialize in the development and production of optical signals using state-of-the-art LED technologies. Our products ensure reliable orientation and, accordingly, enhanced safety and efficiency of traffic travelling by road, rail and above all by water. In addition, we have developed sophisticated solutions that also encompass the supply of energy, as well as control and remote monitoring.

As leaders in technology, our engineers continuously further develop existing products and solutions. As such, safety is and remains our main driver. Our systems defy the harshest environmental conditions, such as strong winds and high waves, drifting ice, hail, severe temperature fluctuations and months without daylight, never faltering and thus effectively preventing possible hazards. By innovating new technologies and implementing these to our products often as the first one, Sabik is ultimately showing the way for the industry.

The name SABIK derives from the Arabic language and refers to one that “precedes” or “comes in first”. As the central star in the constellation of Ophiuchus Sabik already has offered reliable orientation to the first seafarers and was always showing them the safe way back home.

Following this claim, our slogan “We show the way” depicts both our guiding principle in aids-to-navigation products as well as being a forerunner in the LED technology.

“Sabik’s image is well-known worldwide in the maritime business and the products have been installed in almost every country”
“The company image is excellent, products are rough with tremendous longevity.”
Comments from our customers (Customer Satisfaction Survey).

SABIK Marine

Our base is in the Northern Europe, where the waters are among the most challenging in the world to navigate. They are characterized by dense fog, high winds, seasonal ice, freezing rain, blizzards and months without daylight. These circumstances require highest standards of quality both in development and manufacturing.

SABIK Marine is based in Porvoo, Finland. Thanks to our global distribution network, our sophisticated SABIK products ensure safety at sea in all coastal regions and inland waters around the world. To enable us to offer our customers even better and more local service, we have companies in the United Kingdom and Singapore and representative offices in Canada, Germany, Estonia and Russia.

Our goal is to enhance safety for traffic by constantly improving the reliability of visual navigation aids. Our advanced monitoring and programming tools LightGuard Monitor and Bluetooth Control take marine navigation experience to a completely new level.