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Longlife Carmanah products appreciated by Maritime & Port Authority

Carmanah lanterns have a long illustrious track record in Singapore. Ever since the first trial of an M701 in the year 2000, the Maritime & Port Authority (MPA) has been buying Carmanah for its near shore 3NM aids to navigations. Read more (pdf)

Longlife Carmanah products appreciated by Maritime & Port Authority in Singapore

Sabik Marine has been selling Carmanah products since 2010 when we started a sales and marketing cooperation with our Canadian partner Carmanah Technologies Corporation. This successful cooperation resulted in an acquisition of Sabik Marine by Carmanah Technologies Corporation in July 2015. Sabik Marine sells the full range of both Sabik (marine signals, range lights and power supplies) and Carmanah (self-contained lanterns) products providing the most comprehensive selection of marine signals in the world.


Carmanah lanterns have a long illustrious track record in Singapore through its distributor Kemsa (Far East) Pte. Ltd. Ever since the first trial of an M701 in the year 2000, the Maritime & Port Authority (MPA) has been buying Carmanah for its near shore 3NM aids to navigations. In fact, the very first M701 would go on working for 8 long years until it was ´forced‘ into retirement.

In 2009, the Maritime & Port Authority also started to use a M708 for a 4NM beacon and it is still in service today having had no battery change!

After the introduction of the M650 in 2010, MPA switched accordingly. It would be safe to say that Carmanah lanterns light up 90% of near shore 3NM aids to navigations in Singapore. The Carmanah lanterns have earned a reputation of good quality and durability in the area and are therefore the chosen product for ports and harbours.


Carmanah lanterns with GPS sync have also been installed in a naval base, pylons, and mooring buoys after recommendations from the Maritime & Port Authority.

In 2015, the MPA started using the new generation M850 for its 4 to 5NM aids to navigations.

“The Maritime & Port Authority is an astute and discerning customer and values quality and reliability above cost. To be able to satisfy their demands over a prolonged period attests to Carmanah’s ability to delivering consistent and excellent products“, says David Koh, Regional Sales Director for Asia, Sabik Marine.