Sabik M650H



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Self-contained LED lantern for buoys and minor beacons, 2 to 4 NM range. The M650H is a cost effective, self-contained, high-performance, low maintenance and easy-to-install solar LED marine lantern. The M650H features a replaceable battery pack that extends the service life beyond five years, reducing the total cost of ownership. Applications include: marine aids-to-navigation marking, marina lighting, dock lighting, and port lighting.

 M650H features:

  • Standard IALA colours red, green, white, yellow, blue
  • High-efficiency solar cells with bypass and blocking diode function. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection
  • Premium grade UV resistant, polycarbonate/polysiloxane co-polymer body and lens material
  • Colour-specific temperature corrected LED drivers provide consistent intensity under all operating conditions
  • IP 68 rated. Double O-ring sealing with waterproof vent
  • SLA battery
  • Ventilated battery compartment
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Vertical divergence > 8º (FWHM)
  • Programmable with On-Board User Interface, USB port, or optional wireless IR-Programmer
  • Integrated event-log
  • Optional ON/OFF switch
  • Optional external charger
  • Optional integrated GPS synchronization


pdf Product Datasheet M650H (pdf eng) (1004 KB)

pdf Product Datasheet M650H (pdf ES)

  pdf Product Datasheet M650H (pdf RU)


Sabik Marine M650H lanterns showing the way on the canals of Venice
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