SLU-24/SLU-36 Sabik Lighthouse Unit



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SABIK LIGHTHOUSE UNIT - LED light source to replace traditional lamp inside historical lighthouses. Sabik Lighthouse Unit (SLU-24 / SLU-36) is a reliable and efficient solid-state light source to replace traditional lamps in rotating or fixed classical lighthouse optics. It extends the service life of traditional lighthouses without expensive and complicated re-work or decommissioning activities. The product also offers many other additional benefits, such as the option for remote monitoring, lower maintenance costs and the possibility to utilize to solar or other renewable power sources. All of this, while maintaining the traditional look, existing optics, rotating beam, flash characteristics, and heritage value of traditional lighthouses.


SLU-24/SLU-36 Sabik Lighthouse Unit features:

  • Rugged copper/aluminium body with special emphasis on heat management to ensure LED longevity
  • Range up to 24 NM at Tc = 0,74
  • Colours cool white and warm white
  • Extremely low power consumption, suitable for solar and battery operation
  • Integrated 16A solar panel charger using pulse width modulation
  • Integrated flasher with automatic day-night switch
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Programmable with Sabik standard IR programming devices
  • Integrated event log for 365 days
  • Optionally integrated GNSS Remote monitoring



pdf Product Datasheet SLU-24/SLU-36 (pdf ENG) (1.16 MB)

pdf Product Datasheet SLU-24/SLU-36 (pdf ES) (152 KB)

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