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E58XX is a robust LED indicator panel for demanding industrial applications ranging from access control to equipment status monitoring. The design and manufacturing of the E58XX benefit from our years of experience in delivering LED based marine signaling, aviation obstruction, as well as road and railway traffic signals. While widely popular as a crane light, the E58XX is a superior choice for any signaling application requiring high reliability, resiliency and high quality optoelectronics.


 E58XX features:

  • “Fit and forget” maintenancefree lifetime exceeding 10 years, guaranteeing excellent reliability and dependability
  • Low power consumption: typically 0.5 to 4W per LED signal module
  • No “phantom colour” effect: sunlight reflections from the unpowered modules are colourless
  • Superior shock and vibration tolerance, ensuring trouble free use on mobile platforms
  • Superslim form factor: overall dimensions of a panel with 3 lights are 150x465x40 mm, male -pole M12 receptacle typical for power supply; optional visors are available (75 x 90mm)
  • Any combination of LED modules emiting Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White can be ordered



  pdf Product Datasheet E85XX (pdf ENG) (519 KB)

 Product Datasheet E85XX (pdf ES)

 Product Datasheet E85XX (pdf RU)

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